Rocket Calculator is a suite of practical tools often needed in rocketry. These calculators are especially useful at the launch site, or for pre-launch planning.

The current list of calculators are:

  • Thrust vs. Weight 
  • Parachute diameter and descent rate 
  • Streamer length, width and descent rate (2 calculation methods provided) 
  • Black powder amount 
  • Static port size 
  • Single-Station Altitude Tracking 
  • Two-Station Altitude Tracking 

Also included are quick reference materials such as safety codes ,impulse ranges, and more…

2 comments on “Features
  1. Tim B. says:

    Good app, much like a program I had on my PDA.

    Very handy, especially the codes and charts in the data section. Armed with this app and the thrust curve.org app a guy could have a pretty successful day on the field.

    I notice, however, that the thrust/weight ratio shown in the altitude prediction does not agree with the thrust/weight calculator nor with my math (which can be suspect but seems to agree with the calculator.) I have version 1.5.12.

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